Monday 9 May 2011

Reverse Evacuation

All schools have evacuation plans and drills for emergencies such as fire and earthquake, events that are rare but nonetheless possible, and potentially catastrophic.

All schools should also have reverse evacuation plans and drills for events such as tornadoes and armed bank robbers loose in the area, events that actually both happened last week.

All SchoolDocs schools can use the guidelines on the Demo site to check their plans against, or to create a plan for their school. 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a comprehensive, well-researched plan for your school, and to share this plan with your local emergency services. We also recommend that you upload your plan to Readynet ( and keep a printed copy of it in your Emergency Procedures folder, but do not publish it on the web or make it available to the wider school community.

There are many things to consider in the development of a reverse evacuation plan. You must take into account the specifics of your school, eg, its location and layout, potential risks, communication systems, etc. Our guidelines will help you through the process.  

Don’t wait until the major road accident happens right outside the front gate, or the enraged pit bull is chasing the new entrants around the adventure playground, or the strange funnel shaped cloud is rushing your way, or the frogs are falling from the sky (hey – it could happen- Do it now!

If you’ve been in a reverse evacuation situation, tell us about it.

If you’ve made a plan, tell us how and when and why.

If you’ve used our guidelines, give us some feedback.

Monday 2 May 2011

Term Two Already?

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and colds, sniffles, and the flu. 

In Canterbury, the flu vaccination is being offered free to all people under 18. Hard to turn down really. It isn't effective straight away so people need to get it as soon as possible for maximum protection when the flu arrives. 

Something to mention in the newsletter?

What impact have winter illnesses had at your school over the years? Any good harrowing tales of students and teachers dropping like flies? Any successful initiatives such as provision of hand sanitiser? 

Any tips you swear by for avoiding illness - Vicks First Defence, strings of onions round your neck, propolis lozenges, keeping two metres away from students at all times?