Tuesday 21 February 2012

Access to School Grounds After Hours

What happens at your school when you're not there? Do the locals spend much time there? Walking dogs, playing on the swings, defacing the buildings, keeping an eye on the place, climbing the trees?

Some schools are quite hidden from the road where others are very open. Many schools have a lot of traffic through after hours through community hiring of the buildings, after school care programmes, school pool hire, etc.

At SchoolDocs we were asked some time ago about guidelines for closed circuit surveillance cameras. These guidelines are available - see them on the Demo site. Obviously, some schools have a serious problem with vandalism or illegal activities on the grounds.

We like to think that most schools DON"T have a problem and are happy to host the odd extended family cricket match on a Sunday. What's your school's tolerance for people on the grounds after hours?

Have you had any serious issues? How did you manage them?