Monday 27 August 2012

Social Media Policy

A number of schools have asked us recently if we have a Social Media policy.
Well, we nearly have but we want to know what exactly you want it to cover. What are the issues around social media? What social media are we talking about? Twitter? Facebook? Online groups and forums? Wikipedia? Blogs?
We could acknowledge the widespread use of social media and the benefits of using it, ie, to communicate and connect with other communities and individuals, and to share resources, links, insights, etc. You know, like this blog …
Are we also talking about the school’s own blogs and Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts?
Here at SchoolDocs we like social media and see that it’s being used more and more and in a variety of contexts.  We touch on it in our Cybersafety policy but maybe we need specific social media guidelines around:
·         acceptable use and unacceptable use
o   unsafe use, eg,  giving out personal information
o   copyright and privacy issues around sharing material and sharing photos of people
o   harassment or embarassment issues
o   representing the school, disclaimers, personal opinions, etc
o   parents connecting with the school’s social media
o   issues about effective use of time, etc
o   damage control.
·         setting up and managing the school blogs, Facebook page, and any other social media.
Does that sound like the sort of information you’re requesting? What have we missed out? What has triggered the requests – problems, or a growing awareness that some guidelines? Please comment on this blog – let us know your experiences, concerns, successes, etc.
By the way, SchoolDocs is on Facebook you know. You could be our friend.


Anonymous said...

Hey, no comments! Maybe schools DON'T want a Social Media policy?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is also about appropriate use of time and resources - so not using school time or resources to post on or access personal sites. I guess this applies to both staff and to students. As you say, it is also about what you say on social media sites - even if you don't say you work at or are a student at such and such a school, you may have mentioned it in a previous message that people can access and so put 2 and 2 together. Also, need to consider defamation - so easy to write a short comment about a person or an organisation that can spiral out of control through social networks.
The Nurses Council and Medical Council have both published Social Media guidelines - there might be useful things in them to consider.

Megan said...

SchoolDocs has written a Staff Social Media Policy now and a few schools have adopted it. Have a look on the Model site under Optional Topics Always Available and email us at if you want it.