Tuesday, 16 August 2011

2011, a great year

I know it isn't, but it FEELS like the end of the year. Please add to the list of the things we've survived this year (so far):

Two thousand and eleven’s going fast
And there’ll be some relief when it has passed
We know that time eventually will deaden
The pain of things that nearly did our head in

So just for now, let’s keep the pain alive
And list the stuff that so far we’ve survived:

Floods, high winds, gales, acts of God
Callouts of the Armed Offenders Squad
Unscheduled closures due to too much snow
And scheduled visits from the ERO

Mumps, measles, flu, and chicken pox
Allergies, and anaphylactic shocks
School camps, concerts, and the school production
Building renovations and construction

Earthquake damage, cracking, aftershocks
Broken pipes and windows, fallen rocks
Sharing sites and using portaloos
And being interviewed for TV news.

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