Tuesday 14 August 2012

Before and After School Supervision

Further to our post earlier in the year about students arriving at school too early in the morning, or not leaving the school until late in the afternoon, we've written a topic called Before and After School Supervision to sit just under the Playground Supervision topic.

If you want this topic in your document set, email us (admin@schooldocs.co.nz) and let us know whether you want it as is, or with different times on it. Take a look at it on the Demo site under Upcoming Changes(you'll need your admin username and password).  Or here: (the bits in square brackets are easy for us to change to suit your requirements)

We appreciate parents' efforts in getting students to school at a good time in the morning. Arriving late is disruptive for the child, and for the class and teacher. [Arriving between 8:35 and 8:50 gives the student plenty of time to catch up with friends, hang up their school bag, hand in any notices, and be in class ready to start at 8:55].

Note: For your child's safety, please make sure that they arrive at school after [8:30 and have left the schoolgrounds by 3:15 pm]. We cannot guarantee supervision at school outside those times.

As always, we encourage you to share your views and/or experiences on the subject. Is it a problem at your school or not? Is it seasonal? Is your playground equipment just TOO good?

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