Thursday, 4 November 2010

Review Summary: Crisis Management

The SchoolDocs team has clarified parts of the Crisis Management policy and strengthened the Crisis Management Plan as a result of the recent review feedback, MoE guidelines and consultation with the NZ Police. See Upcoming Changes on the Demo site.

The Crisis Management topic and its associated Crisis Management Plan was reviewed in term three by school boards and staff and generated a large number of reviews.

Thanks to all reviewers. We remind principals to check their school’s implementation feedback and advise us of any school specific changes.

We have clarified the roles of the police, and the Ministry of Education Traumatic Incident team, and added contact details for the latter. Other support now referred to includes NZSTA, spiritual and cultural advisors, and security services.

Many reviewers were concerned about the mention of counselling, claiming that compulsory debriefing and/or counselling can be a bad thing. Reviewers also mentioned the need to extend support to the family of the victim, and to ensure the safety of staff as well as students.

The importance of keeping the board included and updated, and of having a media person, was also raised. We will be discussing the issue of media guidelines and hope to bring you some new content about media delagation and training in the future. Feel free to comment here or send us an email ( if you have experienced a crisis situation and issues with the media.

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