Wednesday 10 November 2010

Review Summary: Improve Educational Outcomes for Maori Students

SchoolDocs has made significant changes to the generic Improve Educational Outcomes for Maori Students policy as a result of the ongoing review feedback by subscriber school stakeholders, and reference to the key resources; Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success: The Māori Education Strategy 2008-2012, the ERO Promoting Success for Maori students: Schools’ Progress June 2010 and Better Relationships for Better Learning Guidelines for boards of trustees and schools on engaging with Māori parents, whānau and communities.

This topic has been on a continuous review by school boards, staff, and parents. It is now on the regular review schedule, with its next review due in term 4, 2012.

There were many comments about the policy being too brief or vague so the new topic contains more specific objectives. Many people also wondered why the emphasis on Māori students, and not those of other cultural groups within New Zealand. One of the reasons for this is that schools have legal requirements in relation to Māori under the Education Act, 1989. The Act requires schools to include in their charter aims that reflect the unique position of Māori culture [s63 (a)]. Furthermore, the views and concerns of Māori communities are to be considered before a school's charter is prepared or amended [s62 (1)]. The National Administration Guidelines place explicit requirements on schools to plan for improving the achievement of Māori students, to carry out a process of self-review, and to report to the community on this self-review and on Māori students' achievements. The process is an annual cycle linked to the Ministry of Education’s requirements for Planning and Reporting, and raising Maori achievement. We’ve added a link to the Ministry’s Five Year Plan Ka Hikitia.

The link to Recognition of Cultural Diversity has been moved to a more prominent position in the topic reflecting its importance.

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