Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Review Summary: Performance Management

SchoolDocs has strengthened the Performance Management section as a result of the recent review feedback, ERO and MOE guidelines, Employment Contract requirements, and consultation with the NZSTA Handbook June 2009. See Upcoming Changes on the Demo site.

Much of the feedback from the review of Performance Management was very positive and included words like: extremely clear and concise, comprehensive, well outlined, easy to follow, easily read, practical, thorough, clear expectations, …

School boards and staff reviewed this section last term and provided an abundance of feedback. As a result we have made many changes through the section, and created two new topics: Review an Appraisal, and Attestation. We think the section is greatly improved and strengthened by the review and subsequent changes.

For the most part, the changes were made to clarify or expand on points in the original topics in response to feedback comments of the “what if..” variety. What if the appraiser leaves during the year? What if the teacher is part time? What if the teacher doesn’t begin in the first term? What if an issue is identified?

We have expanded on the purpose of performance management, and on managing concerns and feedback from trainee and beginning teachers, and have also added a reference to Records Retention.

Thanks to all reviewers for their comments and suggestions.

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